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Tom Longo, Resistance Stretching trainer for Kona-bound Ironman triathlete Gaylia Osterlund

Our work together began in August 2008. We initially focused on helping Gaylia heal and recover from injuries, but it quickly became preparation for the 2008 Ironman Arizona. As Gaylia and I realized how easily and deeply she responded to Resistance Stretching, we turned our attention to removing old chronic limitations, increasing her performance and fine-tuning her mind-body connection. Our personal relationship and mutual trust progressed so well that we agreed to work together during Ironman Arizona, and I traveled to Tempe and stretched her throughout race week. Beyond qualifying for Kona, her results in Arizona were powerful on many levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Gaylia describes it best in the following letter.

- Tom Longo

My Dear Friend:

Gaylia Osterlund at Ironman

When I walked into your studio this past August, I viewed the endeavor as my last resort to heal some residual injuries from my accident the previous year. Intuitively I knew I was meant to see you, but yes, I was skeptical.

To say my life is a better place with you in it is simplistic at best. You are an amazing person with such a magical way of reaching deep inside and massaging the best out of everyone. You love unconditionally, therefore encouraging others to do the same. You continue to nurture an indiviual’s willingness to be totally in touch with the mind/body connection which has given me a sense of freedom I could never put into words.

What you bring to the art of Resistance Stretching is a deep passion fed by your belief that healing comes when there is synchronicity of body, mind and soul. When we are working together it is very much like watching an artist who stares through the canvas and sees the beauty that will be.

I will be forever grateful you agreed to travel to Arizona as I attempted my first Ironman post-accident. As we continued our stretching routine race week, you kept me in touch with the most important part of the healing process…..the strength to believe in myself and my body. With every stretch, you gently reminded me to embrace each moment and move on.

The gift of our work together manifested in so many ways. Yes, the personal best time in all three disciplines and shattering the course record by 20 minutes was brilliant, but these were just the obvious results. The story the numbers don’t share is the growth of the inner-athlete living in my soul who chose to let go, trust in what was happening and believe I am new in every moment.

I look forward to our journey to the World Championships and beyond.

Gaylia Osterlund

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