private sessions

Private Assisted Stretching

the ultimate personal attention

A private session is all about you. It's your appointment for focused, personal attention tailored to your body, your needs and your goals. A session with one of our certified instructors or massage therapists is as good as it gets! We consider it a concentrated dose of well being.

Your private session can be scheduled at a time and day convenient to you. It's a very efficient use of your time and effort. One on one work in private sessions creates over ten times the benefits of a group class. Give yourself the gift of nowhere to go and nothing to do, while you and your practitioner focus on your body and your well being.

We offer private sessions in many forms, including Resistance Stretching, Yoga, Conscious Movement, and Massage. Many of our clients arrange a private stretching session followed by a nurturing massage. With our wide variety of complementary offerings, we are able to design and customize a program to fully address your needs and desires.

Private sessions can be the jump start you need to increase performance, heal from injuries, and start your journey to feeling better than ever before. It's the fastest and most effective way to experience powerful freedom of movement.

Schedule an appointment with us to experience the ultimate in personal attention and well being.