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Jennifer Simpson uses Resistance Stretching to improve body mechanics of ski instructors at her summer ski camp in Oregon

Palmer Snowfield
Palmer Snowfield, Mt. Hood
photos courtesy of Eric Doane and Leo Jean
Mel, Kris, & Jennifer
Mel, Kris, and Jennifer

Jennifer Simpson (PSIA National Alpine Team member) and Mel Brown Wright (Examiner, PSIA- Central Division) introduced Resistance Stretching as a complement to their on-snow instruction at the Simpson Summer Camp on the Palmer Snowfield at Timberline Ski Area on majestic Mt. Hood, Oregon.

When Jennifer or Mel found a skier struggling to overcome inefficient movement patterns due to flexibility imbalances and poor biomechanics, they called on flexibility trainer Kris Kruse. Kris would immediately identify, target, and stretch tight muscle groups using Resistance Stretching techniques. A majority of the stretching was done on snow while the skiers were training with Mel and Jennifer. More targeted and intensive Resistance Stretching was then done indoors as follow up.

Jennifer – “The on-snow results from Resistance Stretching are truly amazing. After an on- hill stretching session with Kris, athletes whose performance had been limited by biomechanical balance and flexibility issues clicked into their skis and made instant changes in their movements. Resistance Stretching may well be the “next big thing” in skiing. I knew this stretching would make an impact on everyone’s skiing, but I had no idea what a huge instant change it would make. Wow! Wow! Wow!”

Mel – “For the first time in my coaching career I have been able to observe immediate change in skiing performance. After Kris did her “magic” at the top of the glacier, the images that the athletes displayed were so dramatically different. The video does not lie. The before and after was remarkable!”

Kris – “The fun thing was stretching folks on snow and watching them have an instant change in their posture and movement on their skis.”

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