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  • mind-body benefits

mind-body benefits of resistance stretching

The Meridian Flexibility System is the knowledge base that describes how specific resistance stretching exercises can create specific improvements in organ and body functions and specific changes in mental health. It provides stretches for 16 unique groups of muscles and teaches associated physiological and psychological benefits.

FOUR KINDS OF BENEFITS: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Psychological

Physical Benefits of Resistance Stretching

Flexibility determines how well you move and improves your posture.

Your flexibility absolutely determines what movements you are able to make and how fast, accurate, and powerful those movements can be. That box on the top shelf suddenly becomes more reachable. Your posture naturally becomes upright without any need for mental reminders to 'sit up straight' or 'stop slouching.'

Flexibility harnesses your strength, power, and endurance.

The ability of any muscle to shorten is directly controlled by its ability to lengthen! By increasing your flexibility, your muscles are then allowed to shorten and contract maximally. This translates into increased power, speed, and acceleration.

Flexibility relieves pain, prevents injuries, and increases comfort.

Many chronic as well as acute myo-fascial pains are the direct result of muscle shortness. Increase the length of your muscles and watch your back, knee, elbow, etc. pain disappear forever. Increases in flexibility and strength also help to prevent future injuries.

Flexibility heals and overhauls your physiological health.

As specific muscles become more flexible your internal health improves in very specific and predictable ways. Each of the 16 different types of stretches has been reported by thousands of people to cause specific health improvements. Individualize your own stretching program based on your specific needs.

Flexibility makes you more youthful and solid.

Everyone who stretches regularly gets younger and better looking. Not only will you move and feel like a person with a much younger body, but you'll have a new tool at your disposal to modify and adjust your body so those aches and pains from aging become less intrusive or are erased completely.

Flexibility teaches you to rest and handle stress and distress.

When you know how to rest, you can rebuild yourself because your body rebuilds itself during rest. Stretching teaches you how to embrace appropriate amounts of stress to challenge yourself and to remove undesirable stress and distress.

Spiritual Benefits of Resistance Stretching

Flexibility is a reflection of your life.

Your body is the lens through which you view your life. Every tension in your body is a reflection of how you live your life. Stretching allows you to experience the interconnections and the oneness in life and in all that is.

Flexibility opens you to new awarenesses and perspectives.

Viewing others and yourself objectively are trademarks of stretching. Learn to view others and yourself from both the inside and the outside and balance your perspective.

Flexibility lets you be in your body and to enjoy being there.

You can now feel specific parts of your physical body that once felt disconnected. You learn how to stay connected with your physical body and become less depersonalized. You also learn to value everyone's individuality.

Emotional Benefits of Resistance Stretching

Flexibility teaches you new ways to breathe.

Every stretch you do enters you into being in a new position in life. In every new situation, you'll be asked to breathe differently. New ways of breathing literally morph your physical body. Breathing elevates your mood and affects your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

Flexibility shows you how to relax naturally and to use tension appropriately.

As you learn to resist maximally when stretching, your body will naturally employ greater levels of tension while simultaneously relaxing you. It takes unimaginable levels of tension to perform skilled movements and only by being emotional can this happen.

Flexibility brings up your good looks, beauty, image and likeableness.

Everyone wants to put forth his or her best face and body. Because stretching centers you emotionally and helps you to understand who you are from the inside, you light up on the outside. Remove your tenseness and you'll find yourself liking yourself more.

Flexibility teaches you how to be fulfilled sexually.

Only by being emotionally available can you have satisfying sexual relationships. Mature emotionally into relationships that bring ultimate satisfaction.

Psychological Benefits of Resistance Stretching

Flexibility turns fear into knowing.

When you work on your body and learn how to overcome the fears you have associated with it, you have a model which shows you how to handle other fears in life.

Flexibility shows you how to be clear and future minded.

Being flexible about your own areas of ignorance is your bridge to knowledge. Stretching helps you to aspire to greater levels of understanding, clarity and humor.

Flexibility teaches you how to better focus, prioritize, and concentrate.

Thinking is one thing, but holding the thought, keeping the focus, knowing where your attention is, and staying with what is important can all be learned from different stretches.

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