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Resistance Stretching Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops to satisfy every level of fitness and all types of bodies. Our small group classes allow for individual guidance and attention, so you can work at the pace and intensity suited to your body. Our main goal is that you have fun and feel empowered during your time at StretchWorks.

Our motto is that all levels of students can experience powerful freedom of movement. Whether you are attracted to Resistance Stretching or Yoga classes, Body Consciousness, Sensory Relaxation or dance, each class is designed with increasing flexibility as the main focus.

Athletes, dancers, golfers and other sports enthusiasts will find new ways of opening their bodies to realize superior performance and greater stamina. And if you are just beginning your fitness program or are recovering from an injury, it's easy to get started. We help you work at your own pace and level.

Come and experience powerful freedom of movement. Join with others in our beautiful, safe, supportive environment. Choose a class or workshop that intuitively appeals to you. Wear comfortable clothes for ease of movement. Come with an open mind and heart and give yourself the gift of feeling the power of increased flexibility.