Anne Caswell

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yoga instructor

Anne teaches:
- classes and workshops in yoga
- private sessions in yoga + mat Pilates

Anne specialises in:
- combining alignment-based yoga with vinyasa
- working with older adults and other individuals with challenges

Anne comes to yoga from a background in dance and improvisational movement. She has been studying yoga for 20 years and received her teacher training through the Advanced Studies Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco.

Anne loves the precision and clarity of precise alignment which can create a deeper and more intense experience of the asanas (poses). In her classes, she uses this disciplined technique as a starting point and then moves into a more vinyasa style, making more flowing sequences of asanas, though not necessarily based on the Surynamaskar (Sun Salutation) as traditional Vinyasa yoga is.

Anne also believes that each person is their own best teacher and encourages students to explore and be aware of their own bodies and needs instead of trying to fit themselves into some yoga ideal.

In her belly dancing and Pilates, Anne follows the same philosophy as in her yoga, beginning with precision and then using that to create a deeper awareness and connection to the self and the body.

For Anne's classes, however, the most important thing is just to show up, be there, be where you are that day, accept what is, and not take ourselves and all that philosophy too seriously all the time.