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Snowboarding camp was great. Last year, I hiked for 5 days from 9AM-1PM and was weary in my hips everyday... this year I hiked for 7 days from 9:30-3PM (a good deal longer) and was only a little tired at the end of each day. I think all that hip flexor work really did wonders for my hiking. Also I think it really let me be more flexible in my stance, for the last couple of years I've been moving towards an open stance with my hips turns towards the nose of my board, but that's not very good for freestyle. I switched to much more neutral stance and I don't think I could have done it without the stretching as I don't think my right external rotator would have let me (even with the stretching I could feel the strain as my body adjusted to my new positioning).
Arvin Chang
Hi Tom, I didn't mention on the phone I felt really really great all weekend. I had out of town friends over so I did a lot of cooking, and sitting over long meals etc. which often doesn't agree with me, but I felt almost normal. I think tight hamstrings have been a real problem for me. Thanks a gazillion, you are making a huge difference!!!
Gabrielle Villa
This resistance stretching is so amazing, I had results right away and you can do it on your own. I have been looking for this for years.
David Levitt
When I started working weekly with Doran Christie a year ago I suffered from debilitating, chronic hip pain. I had worked with a personal trainer for 10 years, I was strong, but diagnosed with arthritis in the hips. Cortisone shots were temporary help. Doran initially focused on resistance stretching hip flexors and hamstrings then was able to access deeper muscles. The improvement was immediate, the progress astounding as we went on to address the whole body. Each session focuses on what is presently an issue. She makes this profound work fun and easy. She has taught me to honor and take care of my body and has shown me how.
Jeremy Lindston
When you feel less stiff you feel younger! I am feeling wonderful after another private session with you. I am happy not to be taking Vioxx any longer after realizing that the achiness in my hips was not arthritis. I feel much more youthful because I'm not stiff, which definitely creates a more positive outlook!
Lori Nelson

Meridian Stretching at StretchWorks remains at the forefront of my personal growth and optimum health commitments. As a lifelong athlete that loves high impact activities, I realized 5 years ago that my body and my spirit needed additional attention to overcome the new challenges of aging. Originally I sought out Tom Longo to address lower back pain symptoms I suffered from when I (frequently) played Golf. Over time not only have we completely removed these issues, but we have traveled a path that has strengthened my core, enlightened my spirit as to how "I am" and how others interact with my primary personality; as well as developed a resistance stretching and nutritional regimen that keeps me flexible in nearly all phases of my busy professional and personal life.

For me, Meridian Stretching is the most euphoric and results-oriented investment one can make for deep Personal and Physical Growth... and they are very fun people too!
Jay Dack

As an aging ballerina I never thought I could get more extension or improve my dancing but with Resistance Stretching I find I am dancing better than ever.
Lorna Corbetta-Noyes
As a person who has tried several forms of exercise through the years, aerobics, yoga, tai chi, walking, hiking, running and various exercise video's with all types of fitness ideas, I find Meridian Stretching to be the most beneficial and very easy to integrate into my life routine. The specific approach within this form of exercise is like no other. My workout leaves me with extraordinary results that I am certain can be achieved in no other form of exercise. The poses appear to be simplistic yet their lasting effect on my body is astounding. I am hooked!
B.J. Grosvenor
What I love about Meridian Stretching is the sense of awareness that heightens in me, in my body, mind, emotions, in my spirit. I feel absolutely validated, met, contained, supported, and motivated working with Tom. He helps me to focus and breathe and pay attention to my body's internal messages. I feel celebrated, honored, and totally energized working with Tom. I feel profoundly grateful to have found Meridian Stretching and to have the caring, competent support of Tom Longo.
Sage DeRosier
I have the disease of MS and have gradually lost feeling in my feet and my toes. Since working with Tom, I can now move my toes, and have increased sensation in my feet. I have tried many alternative therapies, only to be disappointed. To say I was cynical about the idea that Tom could do anything for my body is an understatement. But after 3 months of intensive work with Tom, I have sensation now in parts of my body where before I had no feeling. I enthusiastically come to StretchWorks to improve my balance by stretching parts of me that I never knew could be stretched.
Elizabeth Jameson