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The analogy that I like to use is that my body went from being a crumpled piece of paper to one that has been straightened out. I highly recommend Resistance Flexibility. I could not have attained these results without Tom's guidance, expertise and care.
Riad Mohammed
Okay, so I had about 42 years without any back pain. Then I had about 4 years with back pain. Since our private last week I've had one week without back pain. I think I like life without back pain better. I'm just saying, I think I have given both options a fair and unbiased appraisal, and I like no back pain over back pain. See, it's so simple. Your friend, Paul.
Paul Bieber
Working with Resistance Flexibility gave me increased flexibility, strength, and an improved sense of well-being. My instructor was extremely conscientious, and very attentive to the way I responded to each new movement. It really helped me focus on what my body needed. Stretching with resistance is a very gentle way to strengthen areas of your body that no other traditional stretching methods can approach. This was the most hands-on therapeutic bodywork I have ever received and consequently the most beneficial.
Greta Mikkelsen
After having a C-Section, I was ready to give up on my abs because they had been cut. I thought I'd never regain strength in my lower abs again. I tried every weight training technique possible with no results. Finally I came to Tom for other reasons -- my abs were an afterthought. They have actually become my biggest triumph! I'm able to feel strength in the lowest part of my abs. I had a pooch, but now it is shrinking and disappearing.
Krista Conley