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Resistance Stretching

Resistance Stretching

A revolutionary stretching system designed to promote total physical and mental flexibility for peak performance of body and mind.

Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training combines flexibility training and yoga postures into a physical workout. It gives immediate flexibility and strength gains, takes the pain out of stretching, and protects against overstretching injury. It's a powerful stretch routine for the entire body.


It's a safe, intelligent foundation for beginners, or a powerful addition to any exercise routine or extreme athletic program.


  • » Learn stretches for 16 different muscle groups.
  • » Remove stress, relax, feel rested and alive again.
  • » Relieve back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain.
  • » Create flexible, stronger, more agile muscles.
  • » Improve posture, shape & muscle tone.
  • » Increase athletic ability and stamina.
  • » Prevent and recover from injuries.
  • » Develop mental and emotional well-being.
other classes:

Balanced Flow Yoga

Balanced Flow is a blend of precision and alignment with the flowing sequencing of Vinyasa.

The small class size and friendly non-pressured atmosphere allows each student to progress at their own level.

Anne brings her deep love of the body and how it moves to her teaching, encouraging everyone to go beyond superficial ideas of physical beauty and appreciate their body from the inside as an ideal expression of the soul.

Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion is a class that combines yoga with core work and a very thorough stretching that both feels good and prevents injury.

Activity gradually increases following stretching into yoga flow sequences to create a continuous movement from one pose to the next, which brings up the heart rate. We also include a special focus on the core (the area from the chest to the upper thighs) that involves multiple repetitions of various muscle groups to strengthen those areas and build stamina and flexibility.

We conclude class with a resting/stretching sequence that leaves us feeling calm and centered.